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One thing that has served as a source of home beautification throughout history is the introduction of grasses. Taking the city of Biloxi, Mississippi in the United States as a case study, this narrative is discovered to be true. Over the years, well-styled and maintained lawns have contributed to the beauty of homes, office apartments, parks, and so many other edifices all over the city.

However, there are grasses specifically chosen by people in Biloxi for some reasons. Predominantly, the reasons are due to the unique climate in Biloxi is predominantly warm and quite cold at specific times of the year. In between the cold and warmth of the Biloxi climate, there is a significant variation in monthly rainfall that stretches through a calendar year.

The rain is quite intense sometimes in July and it drops significantly in frequency and volume sometimes around late October the weather and rain cycle in Biloxi has a direct bearing on the choice of grass type in Biloxi because they constitute the major elements of survival of this naturally beautifying asset. Let’s consider some of the major grass types used for lawn beautification in Biloxi, reasons for their acceptability and what is good about them.



hand holding a sapling

1. Bermuda

This grass thrives during the warm season. It is one of Biloxi’s most popular species of grass and even across Mississippi. The popularity of this grass breed stems from the fact that it offers easy planting and installation from seeds, and even grass plugs.
It is not uncommon to see mansions decorated with the Bermuda grass across Biloxi. Definitely, it contributes in no small way to the desirable "estate-quality" look. Known for its beautiful green color and thick consistency when properly taken care of, the durability of this grass breed qualifies it to be fit enough to fit to be used in lots of settings. These include a wide range of high traffic yards and pastures as well as golf courses, baseball fields, and athletic turf.

2. Zoysia

If you want to own a lawn or give a new touch of beauty to one you already have, then, you should think of involving this grass type into the mix or possible; make the lawn all about this type and it alone. The heat in Biloxi can be very severe at specific times of the year. Interestingly, Zoysia grass is another heat and drought tolerant grass species that is known to be able to thrive in Biloxi through the winter down to the hotness of the Biloxi summer. Commonly found in the south, this lawn type prefers sun but can withstand some shade.

One other great thing about the Zoysia grass is its ability to stand up to heavy foot traffic. You don’t have to worry about growing it on areas that are frequently walked. However, it requires that it is not excessively trampled on and well taken care of to thrive in situations like this.

Also, it requires a concise amount of watering and maintenance effort on the part of caretakers to thrive. Being a warm-season grass, the Zoysia is shade tolerant. In essence, it does not require much sunshine to thrive. Additionally, it does have an incredible level of cold tolerance, making it an excellent “transition zone” option for home and business owners.

3. Centipede

This is another grass type known to flourish well in the city of Biloxi. Although it is predominantly associated with the southern parts, Centipede grass is also found here in Biloxi, Mississippi. Just like the Zoysia and Bermuda, they are good tolerant of the Biloxi heat and they are incredibly easy to maintain.

Interestingly, Centipede grass often requires far less care and attention at the early stage of growth when compared to other lawns found in the region. While this lawn type does well in the hot temperature of Biloxi, it is often highly vulnerable to various diseases. It is not uncommon to see it ravaged by Centipede decline especially when lawn owners decide not to give it the care it deserves. One other demerit of the centipede grass type is that it does not tolerate foot traffic well enough becoming damaged and showing signs of wear and tear.

4. St. Augustine

This is the last grass type we will be talking about being of a stout, perennial breed, this grass type works well in warm climates, quickly establishing a thick, dense, and coarse lawn. While it is quite easy to maintain, there are quite a number of disadvantages to a St. Augustine grass type. One major demerit associated with it is its low tolerance to traffic when used in highly populated areas with people moving up and down, it wears and fades easily. Again, St. Augustine grass surrenders easily to both the influence
of pests and diseases. Hence, it needs a good dose of proper care and attention.

Role of fertilizers in caring for Biloxi lawns.

Taking a look at the predominant lawns that are being used in Biloxi, it is easy to see that they have common demerits. Most of the time, it is either they face the issue of being susceptible to pests and diseases or they inability to deal with heavy foot traffic. To tackle this issue, lawn owners in Biloxi do well to adopt the use of fertilizers in helping their lawns stand up to these challenges.

Lawn owners who have turned to the fertilizer option have reported a big difference in the general health and performance of their lawn. You can lookout for fertilizers best for your particular grass type and go for it.


Obviously, Biloxi is such a beautiful city that having a building that is not befitting can pass for an unofficial crime. Interestingly, one way to give your building a facial uplift in Biloxi is by investing in lawns. You can do that right by acting on the information you just digested.

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