giant garden with family statue

Be it a relaxation center, an office apartment, or a personal home, one of the things that add beauty to your building is a beautiful landscape. Homes in Biloxi that have enough lawn spaces are known to have a better chance of being more aesthetically pleasing. Have you ever thought about planting a tree? This is quite a good idea especially if you have an open space in front of your building that is big enough to accommodate its branches as it starts to grow.

You would agree with the fact that it is quite easy to plant trees. All it will take is just a few minutes and you are done. It is really an easy idea that pays off with time because it adds beauty to the landscape as it grows. However, it is not enough to just plant trees and expects a beautiful landscape. Instead, you need to pay attention to some details. This is what we will be talking about.

So, here are some for spring landscaping ideas for your lawn or garden.

giant garden with family statue
Make sure to plant just a tree

Why plant just one tree? One major reason is that the planting process is easy if you are planting only one tree. Of all the projects you could embark on to enhance your landscape, tree planting could be the most effective if you choose to plant just one tree. Once you are done planting, the uniformity makes it quite easy to maintain. Once the planting is done, you are sure to have it all set for just a little bit of maintenance for decades.

Since you are only choosing just one, it is important to choose wisely. The wisest course in this regard is to choose a tree that adds interest to your landscape. There has to be an element of agreement in the color, shape, and texture of your choice of tree and the environment.

You don’t have to be scared that this move will reduce your choosing capacity. You can be sure that there are many trees out of which you can choose.

You can adopt the Japanese maple if you are looking for a tree capable of enduring the climate in Biloxi. There is a widespread claim that is suitable for most climates. When you talk about color, form, and texture that can live in any landscape, they have it all.

hand holding a miniature tree
Make it colorful With Mulch.

If you are looking for an easy way to add color and texture to your yard, Mulch is a perfect option. The beautiful thing about mulch is that it affords you several ways to go about its application. If you don’t fancy dark roast, there are many other mulch colors that can spice up your landscape. They are usually available in Red, black, gold, cedar-toned colors. It is up to you to set your preference in this regard.

If you are the type that has an eye for uniqueness, you might want to try pine cones. They bring about a knotty effect on the texture of your lawn. This comes out as something away from the monotony of flat lawns and box-like shrubs that are quite common. So, long story short; mulch is easy to do. Just make sure the color and texture you chose are cool. Once that is cleared, all you need do is to dump it, spread it, and then leave it all alone. Just one warning; Keep it away from wood or siding. This is because it can rot the wood and may attract insects, which will start eating it up.

Apply a bit of Edging

If you take a look at your walkways or garden and you discover that your lawn just seems to switch a little bit off the border or it looks like its growth is trying to find its way into your front walk, then you need to take action. You will have to do some unique edging of this part of the landscaping efforts. This is quite easy as you will not have to prune or water in the process.

It is important that features like walkways are properly defined with some personal or found items. This is one reason while it is essential to apply edging when needed.

For example, you can make use of colored hockey sticks inlining a path. Better still, you can make use of wine bottles planted neck down in the soil as a form of edging demarcation. Whatever method you decide to use, two things are important:

Make sure they are not scanty

Be sure to complete the entire paths to the last point.

If you want to make use of plants as your edging material, low-maintenance ground covers are a superb choice. You can also experiment with lily of the valley, vinca, ears, and pachysandra. These choices are known to offer a selection of texture or color to the landscape.

Design a point especially for yourself within the location

Of a truth, your lawn brings you a great reputation when people attribute a neat, pleasant, and well-built lawn to your name when you have one. However, what about you? It would be best if you derived a pleasure deeper than that. This is why it is crucial that you try to create a focal point with something that brings back a happy memory in the landscape. It could be your old tricycle, truck, or bicycle. Just make sure a look at your lawn or garden means something more profound to you than the average stranger.


A beautiful spring landscape is possible in Biloxi. Several homeowners in town have been able to get it right. You can too. These few points should help a great deal. Also, you do well to be more observant when driving around town. Perhaps, you could pick up more ideas from there.

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